Race, Racism, and White Nationalism

Jul 31, 2015, 9:18
Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin Wants to Amend Constitution

Con Job: Tea Party Mobilizing to Rewrite Constitution


With the fight over Obamacare slowly receding, the Tea Party Patriots are mobilizing for a new effort to dramatically re-write the Constitution, beginning with a serious call to repeal the constitutional amendment that led to the creation of the Internal Revenue Service and the income tax, the 16th Amendment. As implausible as it seems, the effort is already picking up steam in the states. Along the way, they’ve picked up some strange bedfellows and turned some allies into enemies.

Field reports, event recordings, and new documents obtained by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights show a growing national effort by Tea Party groups and allies to significantly rewrite the Constitution. This new report outlines the significant organizational players, the various strategies, and the rifts exposed in this latest Tea Party offensive.

Resolution Passes Celebrating and Defending the 14th Amendment


A resolution regarding the attacks on the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the necessity of celebrating and defending the Amendment was written by IREHR'er Leonard Zeskind and submitted to his Kansas City, Missouri branch of the NAACP. It was then passed onto the national NAACP resolutions committee, and then passed on to the national convention, where it was passed overwhelmingly by the 2,000+ members sitting in convention this last July.

Update: Three New Co-Sponsors Added to Bill Attacking Birthright Citizenship

Update: Three New Co-Sponsors Added to Bill Attacking Birthright Citizenship


Efforts to gut the Fourteenth Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship gained additional support in Congress this week. Three new co-sponsors signed onto Rep. Steve King's (IA-4) bill, H.R.140, the "Birthright Citizenship Act of 2013."

H.R. 140 now has twenty-three co-sponsors. Paul Broun (GA-1), Sam Graves (MO-6), and Tom Graves (GA-14) signed on as co-sponsors on February 26.

What to Expect from the Tea Parties in 2013 - And How to Stop it

What to Expect from the Tea Parties in 2013 - And How to Stop it


The congressional vote at the turn of the New Year should tell us something about what to expect in 2013. Although a boiled down half-measure aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff passed, a strong "no" vote from the far right bucked Speaker Boehner's leadership. The fact that a new session in January will bring in new faces, will not likely change the shape of this obstructive bloc. Remember, Tea Party-endorsed candidates won nearly 80% of their House races last house November, a higher rate than in 2010. They will likely oppose every moderate or slightly progressive proposal over the year to come.

The Tea Parties Are Still Strong: Prepare for the Battles Ahead

The Tea Parties Are Still Strong: Prepare for the Battles Ahead


In Michigan, so-called right to work legislation has been signed. As everyone knows, such legislation has nothing to do with finding and keeping a job, and everything to do with driving down the political power and membership density of unions. Just four short years ago, this measure would have been considered inconceivable in Michigan. Earlier this year, many union officials scoffed at its prospect. Now it has become law.

What has so sharply changed the balance of forces? Simply put: the Tea Party movement has radicalized a large swath of white people and made them immune to any calls for the common good.

Petition: Tell Senator Graham, Hands off the Fourteenth Amendment

Petition: Tell Senator Graham, Hands off the Fourteenth Amendment


Just days before negotiations began with Senate colleagues to reform the nation’s broken immigration system, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent out notice that he wanted to eviscerate the birthright citizenship clause in the Fourteenth Amendment.

On November 8, Graham tweeted, “Without changes in birthright citizenship we will have future waves of illegal immigration.” 

We remind everyone, particularly the chief negotiators of immigration reform, Sen. Graham and Sen. Schumer, that citizenship for all those born in the United States and equality before the law should be forever entwined in the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment

Passed after the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment promised full citizenship for the new Freedmen, the children of Chinese immigrants and all those born in the United States.  Unfortunately, it soon became a dead letter in the era of Jim Crow segregation, and was too often ignored by presidents, in Congress, by governors and in state legislatures.  The 1954 Brown v Topeka Board of Education decision and the black freedom movement brought the Fourteenth Amendment back to life, and we will not let it die once again.

We ask: What part of the Fourteenth Amendment does Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, not understand?

The Fourteenth Amendment is non-negotiable. Hands off the Fourteenth Amendment.

Click here to sign the petition.



Western States Center's 2012 AMP Conference

Taking On the Tea Party: It's Our Time Now


On July 28, 2012, IREHR's Devin Burghart gave a keynote speech at the Western States Center's annual training and skills conference, AMP, an event that drew over 400 activists and organizers from states across the west. Devin used the occasion to remind the attendees of lessons past and to talk about the tasks everyone faces today. This speech is a most powerful indictment of the Tea Party movement, and a call for people of good will—no matter what their principal issue of concern—to understand that the Tea Party movement must be actively opposed by us all.