Oct 31, 2014, 17:58
[Left] Matt Koehl, circa 1960 when he joined with George Lincoln Rockwell.  [Right] Koehl (right) at a 1997 commemoration in Arlington, Virginia, marking the 30th anniversary of Rockwell’s death.

Matt Koehl Finally Dies


Once worked with John Tyndall in the World Union of National Socialists

Matthias Koehl, who succeeded George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967 as head of the National Socialist White Peoples Party in the USA, died during the night of October 9 and 10.  He was 79 years old at the time.

Washington Department of Ecology Caters to Big Business

Washington Department of Ecology Caters to Big Business


Raises Cancer Risk Rates Under Preliminary Water Quality Plan

On the heels of lobbying by big business, the Washington State Department of Ecology has proposed a preliminary draft rule for water quality standards that could continue to undermine ecological health, tribal treaty rights and environmental justice by raising the risk rates for cancer among fish consumers in Washington State.